Ferret Coat Colours

Ferrets can have a wide range of different coat colours. On this page I will cover the main colour categories and touch upon the genetic basis of those particular colours. There is still a lot to be learned about the genetic basis of coat colours in ferrets, and most of the information here is hypothesised, not fact!
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Genetics; You Need to Know the Basics

The following pages rely on a basic knowledge of loci and alleles, and the inheritance of these.
For beginners to the field, please visit our friend's page on Basic Genetics Terms and Breeding and Inheritance.
Many thanks to Jess Chappell at Dog Coat Colour Genetics for allowing us to link her very informative and easy to understand pages here.

Locii and Colour Categories

The A locus - sables, selfs and solids

The B locus - blacks and chocolates

The C locus - albinos, DEWs, champagne, cinnamon and chocolate

The D locus - blacks, blues, reds, creams . . . do they even exist in ferrets?

The E locus - darks and cinnamons

The I locus - sables and points

The S locus - bibs, mitts, harlequin and other white markings

The Sab/R locii - mitts, roan mitts, silver mitts, silvers, lilacs and DEWs

The G locus - roaning and greying with age

Colours and Genotypes

Black-based Colours Chocolate-based Colours Champagne-based Colours
Black Solid Chocolate Solid Champagne Solid
Black Self Chocolate Self Champagne Self
Sable Chocolate Champagne
Sable Point Chocolate Point Champagne Point
Sable Harlequin Mitt Chocolate Harlequin Mitt Champagne Harlequin Mitt
Sable Blaze Chocolate Blaze Champagne Blaze
Sable Panda Chocolate Panda Champagne Panda
Sable mitt Chocolate Mitt Champagne Mitt
Black (roan) mitt Chocolate Roan Mitt
Silver Mitt Chocolate Silver Mitt / Lilac Champagne Silver Mitt
Lilac / Copper
Other Colours
Dark-eyed White